Why your website should have a blog

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Content Marketing is always considered a best tool between Internet marketers. Today we are sharing why every website should have a blog and it should be updated every week.

Engage your visitors
Provides new content to your visitors and increase engagement on your website and services, this is a place where you can talk about your services and their specifications. Your visitors can not only read about your services but also they can leave their thoughts and interact with website owner.

Blog makes you popular in Industry
When you blog for business, you share many valuable things which makes you popular in your business community. Especially when you blog in particular niche your blog becomes hub for industry news and happenings. People start visiting your blog for upcoming updates in your niche.

Share outline of project changes
With your business blog, you can provide your visitors an outline for your product. They will get glimpse of what’s coming, they can leave their feedback in comment section, and you can interact with them. It will help you in better understanding needs of your visitors, thereby reducing revisions of your product.

Ask for feedbacks
Are you about to launch some new features in your product? How about getting the suggestions from users who are actually going to use that. Many times a product that is developed under brick and mortar lead to unnecessary features that are rarely used; despite of fact that many important features are still missing.

Increase subscribers
You should always consider adding a subscription box in blog. Since they are interested in your niche, and like your product, they are definitely going to buy or suggest some needy one.

Blog generates Leads
In long run it’s always profitable to run business blog because it will definitely help you in building a community around your product and later convert them in your business prospect.

Improve Search Engine Optimization
Last but not least blog also helps in Search Engine Optimizations that will rank you for many long trail keywords. Say you update blog once a week, and in a year you will have 52 posts. Now consider that you’re each post rank for single keywords, which means your website now ranking for 52 more keywords that will give more visitors and thus more business.

Blog helps in PR Activities:
Blog also acts as PR Source for many companies. It helps in connecting between your organizations to some other similar niche business.

Share giveaway via your blog:
Now when you have got blog, any of your team members can just write a blog post and organize giveaway without worrying about design and coding jargons.
So above are the reasons why every business website should have blog and every business owner should blog in their niche. It not only helps you in creating user engagement but also in generating trust in visitors which turns into leads and more profit for your business.  Keep reading Syncom India to know more on business blogging and traffic generation resources.

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Top Article website list

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Here are the world’s top article websites to submit your articles.
Article Submission is one of most famous way to increase backlink to your website. Every Internet marketer wants to increase their website popularity by creating backlinks. Article website also helps in gaining relevant traffic. You get link back from author biography which results in increase of backlink count and increase traffic.
Here are few famous Article website lists where you can submit your articles.


                Ezinearticles.com is very popular and one of most aged website to submit articles. This is still best article directory among ezine category.


                HubPages has recently acquired a content network website i.e. Squidoo. Lens creation was very popular way to get backlinks,  since it provided dofollow link back to your website. Now Hubpages is another best website to get backlinks.


                ArticleBase.com provides no follow link from author biography, still submitting yoru article to this website could be of beneficial, it send lots of relevant traffic to your blog/website.


                Apsense allows you to submit your articles as well as it also enable social sharing; this makes Apsense very useful for internet marketers. They enjoy being connected to likeminded person of same industry.


                Similar to ArticleBase.com, ArticleCity also provide 2 dofollow signature links to your website which helps you getting link juice from major search engines.


                SooperArticle is another article submission website which falls under 10000 alexa rank and very popular among all webmasters.
There are lots more website which can be used to submit article and few of them are:


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